Government Making a COVID19 Tracker App for Android and iOS Devices
Image Source: WVLT

As the novel coronavirus is spreading across India, the central government is reportedly working on a mobile app to make citizens aware of its surroundings. According to a report, the CoWin-20 app which is currently in its testing phase will be aimed at ensuring that citizens do not travel to their surrounding as well as COVID-19-affected locations in relation to the epidemic. It has also been reported that the app will help users track all recent contacts they have subsequently diagnosed with the disease. It is still unclear when and how the government plans to launch the Coronavirus Tracker app. Currently, another coronavirus tracking app by the Government of India is available for Android users in the Google Play Store.

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According to News18, the app is being developed by NITI Aayog and will eventually be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple Play Store. The report states that the CoWin-20 app is already being rolled out through a select group of users through the APK.

According to the reports, the App aims to:

  1. Monitor the status of the community spread of coronavirus through users’ location.
  2. Alert users if they are near a COVID-19 infected patient.
  3. Send notifications to users who have been in close contact with anyone tested positive for COVID-19

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The beta version of the CoWin-20 app was also assessed by The Next Web which found that the government will acquire users’ data in regards to the coronavirus pandemic via Bluetooth. “The app will rely on Bluetooth to check if you’ve been within six feet of the distance of an infected person,” the report claimed.

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