Google takes down 27 apps that guided users to fake Play Store

Google takes down 27 apps that guided users to fake Play Store

Google has removed 27 apps that prompt users to install a fake Play Store after researchers from Pune-based Quick Heal Technologies view these malicious apps in the dropper category and report the problem.

Quick Heal Security Lab said that these apps were designed to infect devices with adware after falling victim to their constant installation prompts for fake “Google Play Store”.

The application stated that users needed to install the Google Play Store for gaming purposes. If someone has canceled the installation prompt, it shows a continuous pop-up until the installation of the app.

On executing the parent app, it launched a dropped app. The fake “Google Play Store” remained in the device even after its original app was uninstalled and displayed full screen ads at random time intervals.

The app ran in the background and showed full screen advertisements until one manually uninstalled it.

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These apps were published by the same developer under the name “AFAD Drift Racer” and all apps were in the free car racing games category, Quick Heal said.

To avoid installing fake mobile applications, users should check the details of the app before downloading and refrain from downloading the app from third party app stores. Using reliable mobile antivirus can help prevent fake and malicious apps from being installed on someone’s phone.

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