Google Sued by Sonos for Allegedly Stealing Its Wireless Speaker Tech

Audio company Sonos has sued tech giant Google for allegedly copying its wireless speaker design, urging the International Trade Commission (ITC) to ban Google products such as laptops, phones and speakers.

According to a New York Times report, Sonos has filed two lawsuits against Google covering five patents, claiming that “Google acquired its multi-room after acquiring it through a 2013 partnership The speaker has stolen the technology “.

The partnership allowed Sonos speakers to support Google Play Music.

Although Google reportedly used patented technology in the now discontinued Chromecast audio device, it has used it in the Google Home lineup of smart speakers and Pixel phones, according to the lawsuit.

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In a statement from The Verge, the tech giant said: “Google’s technology was developed independently by Google – it was not copied from Sonos. We dispute these claims and will vigorously defend them”.

Sonos, the maker of high-end wireless speakers, also claimed that Google “subsidized its products to sell them at cheaper prices, while using them to extract more data from buyers”.

“Sonos Patrick Spence” Google is an important partner with whom we have successfully collaborated over the years, including bringing Google Assistant to the Sonos platform over the past year. However, Google is clearly mimicking our patented technology in creating its audio products.”

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Sonos also claimed that Amazon too infringed its patent with the Echo device family, but decided to make its case “one by one”.

According to Sonos, soon after the first Google Home launched in 2016, Sonos began warning Google about patent infringement but to no avail.

Sonos said it accused Google of infringing a total of 100 patents.

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