Google stadia launched at GDC 2019

Search giant Google has made a big entry in the Gaming industry with the launch of cloud gaming platform Stadia. It’s a cloud gaming platform that will give users instant access to game titles on different devices including computers, TV, tablet and mobile phones.
This cloud gaming platform was introduced by Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai at the Google developer conference 2019.

Google Stadia aims to bring 4k resolution games to devices running at 60 fps with HDR and better surround sound audio. This cloud gaming service will be available in selected countries, such as US, Canada, UK and some part of Europe. Also Read: How to download your Google+ data before it’s closer.

“To build Stadia, we’ve thought deeply about what it means to be a gamer and worked to converge two distinct worlds: people who play video games and people who love watching them,” said Phil Harrison, vice president and GM Google Stadia.