Google Smart Speaker With Display

Google Smart Speaker With Display

Google’s new product smart speakers, based Google Assistant

Now Google is working on a smart home speaker with display. The device is expected to hit the market ahead of the holiday season this year.  Google’s speaker with display will likely let users view YouTube videos, maps and check calendar using voice commands.
The new home speaker will be powered by Google Assistant, which is the company’s own voice assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).
The new product, which is likely to be similar to the Amazon Echo Show, would round out the Google Home range of smart speakers running the artificially intelligent Google Assistant, akin to Amazon’s Alexa,” the report reads. Google’s current line-up of AI-powered speakers include Google Home, Home Mini and Home Max.

Google Home is available at Price 9,999 inr
Google Mini is available at price 4,499 inr

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