passwordless websites and apps

Google announced a new version of Google play services, in which users will not have to enter passwords into any android app or websites. This Google play services updates is available for Android 7.0 or above.

Company said, that it they are using FIDO2 a standard developed by FIDO Alliance which require fingerprint or pin to SignIn on various internet services.

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“Google has long worked with the FIDO Alliance and W3C to standardize FIDO2 protocols, which give any application the ability to move beyond password authentication while offering protection against phising attack. Today’s announcement of FIDO2 certification for Android helps move this initiative forward, giving our partners and developers a standardized way to access secure keystrokes across devices, both in market already as well as forthcoming models, in order to build convenient bio-metric controls for users.”

If your device is running over the Android 7 than your device will be now FIDO2 Certified after automated update of Google Play services. This standard will gives users the ability to leverage their device’s built-in fingerprint sensor and FIDO security keys for secure without password access to websites and android apps those support FIDO2 protocols. Website and app developers will be able to add new FIDO authentication to their websites and Apps through API call to bring password-less.