control devices using gestures

If we talk about controlling devices using hand gestures than, what are the possibility to do it. Here Google got one step closer to possibility of controlling a smart device through hand gestures from a far. Google got Federal approval to continue it’s tiny radar project from 2015, “Project Soli,” at higher power levels for better accuracy.

Google has been working on it’s experimental division, instead of tapping on screen the project proposed using gestures, like rubbing thumb and index finger together to control gadgets. With this technology we could turn on Smart speaker by moving hands closer to it and with a flick of fingers can change the music. The sensor inside the smart gadget would sense the motion of your hands.

After the debut as a prototype, ‘Project Soli’ hit a road bump because the radar wasn’t able to notice the user gestures accurately and it having trouble to pickup the every motion, means that there are only few limited gestures that was picked by prototype.
Google attributed the problem to the low power levels the gadget had to operate on due to the FCC restrictions.
In March, Google reapplied for a wavier from the FCC to operate the device at high power levels. On December 31st, The FCC granted the waiver after determining ‘Project Soli’ could serve the public interest and had a little potential for causing harm. It means that ‘Project Soli’ can now move forward, bringing up closer to a future with touch-less smart gadgets and displays,