Google Play Store Spotted With UPI Payments Option in India

As per media reports, Google Play Store has now added Unified Payment Interface (UPI) as a payment option for its users in India. The Google Play Store in India currently supports credit cards, debit cards, net banking and carrier billing through Airtel and Vodafone, Google Play gift cards and Google Play balances and through other means such as Google Rewards. Now, with a new version of Google Play, a UPI payment option has been seen.

With Google Play Store v16.3.37, users have started opening UPI as an option, XDA Developers reported on Sunday. Unfortunately, we were not able to verify the existence of the UPI payment option, despite bypassing the desired version. Perhaps this is a server-side switch that Google has yet to flip for all users, and, the company has since released a more recent version of Google Play – v16.4.15. Even with this version, we were unable to see the UPI payment option.

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Since it began operating in 2016, UPI has now been adopted by most apps and services as one of the approved payment methods, with Google’s own digital payment app Google Pay (formerly known as Google Tez ) also includes.

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UPI now has 141 Indian banks on board and users of those banks are reportedly able to use this mode to purchase apps from the Google Play Store. When using UPI, users do not need to share their card details directly with Google, and instead they can with their UPI ID.

Although the UPI requires a PIN to complete the transaction, the small limits allowed by the service reduce the amount of misuse, if there is a chance, that has been added to the report.

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