Google Pixel 4 to Get a Fix for Face Unlock Flaw

Google Pixel 4, the new flagship of the Google, is set to receive a software update that will fix the eye recognition flaw on its Face Unlock feature. Similar to the latest iPhone models, the Pixel 4 features a series of sensors to enable face unlocking in place of traditional fingerprint support. However, this feature was recently seen as a flaw that allows a person to unlock the phone even when they are not actively looking at the phone or their eyes are closed.

Google has confirmed that Pixel 4 will receive a software update “in the coming months”, which will fix the Face Unlock flaw revealed last week.

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“We are working on an option for users to open their eyes to unlock the phone, which will be given in a software update in the coming months,” the company said in a statement.

Unlike many Android smartphones, which offer face unlock using a selfie camera, the Pixel 4 uses a sensor that includes an infrared (IR) sensor and a dot projector that enables face unlock – of course Like the latest iPhone system. Google has claimed that the hardware “meets security requirements as a robust biometric, and can be used for payment and app authentication, including banking apps.”

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That being said, the eye recognition flaw affects the Pixel 4’s security as it allows users to unlock the face without identifying the eyes. Some users stated that ‘eyes are required to open’ to toggle in Face Unlock settings. However, the toggle is not yet available on Google phones.

Instead, the Pixel 4 has a ‘screen meditation’ feature that Google can use to enhance the Face Unlock feature. The screen focus feature is currently used to keep the screen on for as long as you actively view it.

Google has underlined in its statement that users who are concerned about an eye recognition defect may activate a security feature requiring a PIN, pattern, or password for the next unlock. A feature called lockdown comes into action after long-pressing the power button.

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