Google Photos for Web Gets New Bare Bones Movie Editor

Google has improved the Photos app by adding new movie editing capabilities to its web interface. Now before you raise your expectations, we would like to tell you that even with these new additions, the film editor is very rare – and just a timeline editor. So much so, that it is not even capable of replacing a basic video-editing software. But that’s not the goal here because Google wants its users to see how this new movie-editor in Photos for the Web works well for creating and posting simple videos, especially to automatically create movies. for.

According to an AndroidPolice report, Google Photos for Web now has a movie-editor that is compatible with its mobile counterpart. Google brought a better movie editor to Google Photos on Android and iOS in the past, but the web client didn’t have a movie editor at all, so it’s good to see that feature finally being made available.

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Unfortunately, the rollout appears to be slow. We tested the feature for ourselves using the Chrome browser on both Mac and Windows PCs, but we couldn’t find the new Movie Editor Edition in Google Photos for the web. It is possible that these changes have not yet arrived in India, or this feature is currently enabled for limited users only.

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As we mentioned, the movie editor being brought to the web in Google’s Google interface is essentially the same as the mobile version, which is very basic. The report notes that the editor does not give filters that can be used on the video, and you also cannot add text overlays. Now, the same goes with mobile apps, so we cannot expect much from web clients. But on the bright side, you can still add clips and pictures (including live photos), and you can trim and repose them in the timeline. In addition, you can change the music, but similar to the mobile app, you still cannot use a custom song.

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