Google Pay stamp collection scheme extended till November 11

On the occasion of Diwali, Google launched the stamp collection scheme on Google Pay. On bill payment and peer-to-peer transfer, Google Pay users get one out of five tickets. These include jhumkas, flowers, lamps, lanterns and rangoli. On collecting all the tickets, you win 251 rupees. And if you are lucky enough, you also get a chance for Rs 1 lakh.

While a lot of users were able to collect four tickets, they were not lucky in collecting the Rangoli one. A lot of users took to social media to complain about the unavailability of Rangoli stamp in particular. Seeing the excitement, Google has decided to extend the stamp collection plan to 11 November.

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Google Pay now sends SMS alerts for secure transactions
Instant bank-to-bank transfer through UPI has become the preferred mode of payment for millions of Indians. But SMS scams have also increased as a result of this. To help users easily identify any suspicious transactions, Google is doing its job. Google Pay will now send SMS notifications along with the app. With this move, Google aims to notify users every time they receive a mass request. This would reveal that accepting the request would cut money from their bank accounts.

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Google Pay has added enhanced fraud protection with SafetyNet. Google is assuring world-class security for fraudulent attacks as well as speedy detection and suspension of fraudsters. To keep users safe, the Google Pay app also comes with secure access using PIN entry or fingerprint authentication. This helps protect users from remote desktop attacks.

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