Google Pay Spotted Working on a New Gold Gifting Option

Earlier this year, Google announced the ability to sell and buy gold through the Google Pay app. It partnered with internationally recognized metals and mining services provider MMTC-PAMP to bring this functionality. Now, the tech giant is looking to add a new feature that will allow users to offer gold to others. This new Google Pay Gold gifting option was seen inside the app’s code, and may or may not be launched depending on how development and testing goes.

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XDA Developers has seen this new gold gifting option within Google Pay v48.0.001_RC03. The report states that this new version includes new wires indicating that Google is working on a feature that will allow users to offer gold to each other. There is no clarity on when this feature will end or how it will work. As mentioned, the code states that work has started, but developers may decide to pull the plug on it if something goes wrong in the development or testing phases.

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The buying and selling of gold was introduced inside the app sometime in April, and it enabled Google Pay users to buy 99.99 percent, 24 carat gold. Google notes that gold purchased of any value will be stored by MMTC-PAMP on its behalf in a safe vault. Users can buy and sell gold anytime, refreshed every few minutes, when displayed on the Google Pay app.

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Google Pay has become quite popular in the country in the last year. In September, at the fifth edition of its annual ‘Google for India’ event, Google announced that Google Pay had left PhonePe to hit 67 million monthly active users (MAU). The tech giant says it grew 3-fold in the 12 months before September, with more than $ 110 billion in transactions annually, with hundreds of thousands of offline and online merchants.

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