Google Pay Gets Tokenised cards & More

At the ‘Google for India’ event, the search giant announced new features for Google Pay in India. Token cards, Google Pay for Business apps and ‘The Spot Platform’ are coming to Google Pay in India.

Token cards will soon be available to Google Pay users in India. At the time of launch, the token cards will be available on the Visa cards of HDFC, Kotak, Standard Chartered and SBI banks. Soon MasterCard and RuPay cards will be integrated to token cards on Google Pay. Token cards on Google Pay eliminate the need for redirection to enter OTP when making payment via card. In addition, PINs are not required on token cards for transactions below Rs 2,000.

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Google also launched the ‘Google Pay for Business’ app in India. Merchants can now verify themselves through the Google Pay for Business app. The app uses a video verification process for merchants to register their business on Google Pay. In a video chat, Google requires the merchant to verify information about their business.

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Google also announced businesses ‘The Spot Platform’ for businesses to make shopping on Google Pay more interactive. Businesses can create mini sites for Google Pay through Spot Spot. For example, food services may now have a built-in menu on Google Pay. There is a ‘spot code’ for services such as buying food from shops, booking train tickets and more.

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Google demonstrated placing an order for sweets and scanning the spot codes to pick them up later. The food box also comes with an NFC enabled spot code that can be scanned to view menus. Google says that its Spot platform is easy to use and requires basic knowledge of HTML code and Java Script.

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