Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker Launched in India

Google Nest Mini, which challenges Amazon Echo Dot, has been launched in India. The search giant launched Nest Mini with the Pixel 4 lineup in New York last month. The smart speaker is the successor to the Google Home Mini since 2017 and became part of the Nest range of products. The Nest Mini looks similar to the Google Home Mini in terms of looks and looks. Despite a similar design, Google claims that the Nest Mini offers better sound than its predecessor.

Google Nest Mini: Prices and Features

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Nest Mini debuts in India at a time when smart speakers are growing in popularity and adoption. During the Great Indian Sale, Amazon has increased sales of the Echo Smart Speaker. With the third generation Echo Dot being available in India, the Nest Mini will have some challenges with the bat. Google Nest Mini will be available in India through Flipkart for Rs 4,499 and is available in two colors: chalk and charcoal. The company is not yet offering coral and light blue color options in India.

With the Nest Mini, Google is primarily focusing on the audio skills of smart speakers. It claims that the device has twice as much stronger bass than the original Google Home Mini. The company says that it has incorporated a custom driver to improve the bass. There is also a proprietary tuning software to increase the sound output. There is also a new intercom feature that allows users to make calls from their phone or any other smart speaker or display. “The Nest Mini has a richer and more natural sound that is authentic to you in more detail and the artist’s intent,” the company said in a statement.

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When playing audio content, the speaker will light up if you place your hand close to the device and then you can adjust the volume. As part of the Nest family of devices, it can be combined with other devices to create surround sound systems. Other features include a third microphone and a dedicated chip for machine learning. The Nest Mini’s central brain is Google Assistant and the search giant says it’s faster than ever. Google Assistant supports two voices in English in India. Like Echo Dot, it also supports Hindi as these companies try to tap into non-English speaking customers.

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