Google Maps Incognito Mode Now Available for Android

Google Chrome’s incognito mode is a useful feature in the browser that lets users browse the web with some specific effects of surfing. This includes keeping your search history clean, but is also particularly useful for surfing without using your personal information, which can be useful for a variety of reasons. Google is now rolling out a similar incognito mode for Google Maps, which will initially be available for Android devices. This feature promises little privacy, and lets users use Google Maps a little differently.

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The feature is now ending, and Google says the rollout is phased out and will take a few days to become available to all users. If you already have it, you can activate it by following these steps: Open Google Maps> tap on your profile picture> tap on ‘Turn on incognito mode’.

When the Google Maps Incognito mode feature is turned on, any search will be excluded from your search history, location history will not be affected when the mode is turned on, and users’ personal data will not be used to personalize maps. Once you are done, you can close it in a similar way, allowing Maps to access those things again.

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This is useful if you want to hide where you are or what you have discovered (for whatever reason, we are not judging), but an interesting implementation is keeping your personal information out of any use. This can help you get unbiased results for any query on Google Maps, which can be useful in some situations.

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The mode is both useful from a privacy point of view and also excludes its search terms from potential recommendations. For example, you might be searching for a hotel in a particular city during a trip, but you do not want your search history to be filled up after weeks and months with hotel recommendations in that city. Likewise, you cannot know that Google (or the pupil of the eye) to know that you went on a trip to that particular city. Once again, we are not judging.

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