Google is testing Autofill UI feature for Chrome

Google’s Autofill feature is quite useful for smartphone and tablet users as it automatically fills the required details like passwords, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers and saves users time. According to an Android Police report, Google is planning a redesign for the feature by removing the existing popup box with autofill suggestions that will appear above the virtual keyboard.

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Reportedly, the new Autofill suggestion will serve as a keyboard extension and appear as a rhombus-shaped box just above the keyboard, where we usually find keyword suggestions. Suggestions will also have a specific icon such as a key for login, a card for payment or a location pin for an address. While filling in any detail, tapping on the icon will show all the saved details associated with that particular page. Users can tap on them to select and fill in their respective fields. In addition, the new Autofill will suggest a strong password to users with the help of a new user, if the user is trying to sign in to use the new username, suggest a strong password. Tapping on the prompt will create a new password for that particular account and allow users to tap and select the prompt use password at the prompt.

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In addition, the report also states that Google will now allow users to select fields they wish to fill automatically by showing options for street addresses, postal codes, phone numbers, etc. They can be tapped on the webpage. The same happens when using stored cards to make payments.

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The new Autofill feature is available on both the Chrome Dev and Canary versions of the browser and users can enable it by going to chrome: // flags and searching for # autofill-keyboard-accessory-view (for passwords, addresses and payment methods) Huh. Also, make sure to enable Touch to fill the UI for passwords to use this feature.

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