Google Assistant Now Gets More Optimised for Indian Languages

Google announced a major update in its ‘Google for India’ program to support users in the country. Users can now make it helpful to speak in Hindi only by asking “Ok Google, Hindi Bolo ‘or” Talk to me in Hindi “. Users can also use the same command for more Indian languages ​​like Gujarat, Telugu, Urdu, Bengali and Kannada. can give.

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Google also announced that users can now watch news in Hindi on Assistant. Users will have to ask the assistant “OK Google, Hindi News”.

Google is also working to provide assistants via phone calls. The company has partnered with Vodafone-Idea to offer the latest feature. Google is testing Assistant through phone calls in Lucknow and Kanpur. Users can call 000-800-9191-000 to join the assistant.

Google’s Speak App has also been updated with support for Bangla, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu languages.

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The biggest feature announced at the ‘Google for India’ event is Interpreter Mode. The latest feature helps in real-time translation between two people who speak Hindi and English.

Google said it is also working on voice commands for tasks such as ordering pizza from Domino’s, booking rides with Ola Cabs, or doing a balance check in your bank account.

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