android Q beta 2 released

Google recently introduced the beta version of Android Q smartphone OS for users, and now google has launched Android Q beta 2 update. The latest Android Q beta focuses on privacy, improved UI and optimized OS for foldable smartphones. This latest update is currently available for Google Pixel devices including Pixel 2, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL.

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Here How to download and install the Android Q beta?

To download and install Android Q beta in your Pixel smartphone, you just need to enroll on the official Android Beta Page and after registration you need to check for the updates by Visiting Setting option of your device. Setting > Advanced > System Updates

What are the key features of Android Q Beta 2?

Privacy:  Android Q comes with a new privacy settings application, this section has a dashboard from where user can monitor and give permission to the apps installed on the smartphone.

“With Scoped Storage, apps can use their private sandbox without permission, but they need new permissions to access shared collections for photos, videos and audio. Apps using files in shared collections — for example, photo and video galleries and pickers, media browsing, and document storage — may behave differently under Scoped Storage,” wrote Google in a blog post

Interface: Android Q comes with a new interface in which Google has added support for bubbles which it describes as a new way for users to multitask and re-engage with applications. Android Q also comes with an Undo feature for apps that mistakenly removed from the home screen. The Android Q beta 2 update allows developers to build and optimize the software for the foldable smartphone.