Gmail for iOS Gets Image Blocking to Prevent Email Tracking

Google has updated its Gmail app for iOS devices with a new image blocking setting to prevent Gmail from automatically loading images.

With the update, users can choose to ask each time whether external images are displayed in the email. News portal 9to5Mac reported on Tuesday that the new setting is to counter tracking services, which embed small invisible images into emails so that an email can be opened.

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The update is now available on the Apple App Store. “You can now choose whether to ask external images before they are displayed automatically. To enable this for new incoming messages, go to Settings> Specific Accounts> Picture and select Ask before displaying external images , “Reads the change log on the Apple App Store.

Image loading settings were previously limited to the web version of Gmail, which went unnoticed by heavy mobile email users of the iOS app. One can now access this setting on iPhone and iPad devices. The feature’s rollout is certainly “a reaction to a controversy since July, when former Twitter executive Mike Davidson drew attention to how a subscription email service was allowing users to track location and time when an email was opened , “Report comments.

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In addition, Google has introduced a new feature for its G Suite users late last month where it will show notifications of your contacts in Gmail and Hangouts that you are on vacation.

Currently available only to G Suite (Google’s enterprise customer) and not to general Gmail users, the feature will be fully rolled out globally on 16 September.

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