How to Get Sponsored on YouTube?

Knowing how to get a YouTube sponsor can have a big impact on the growth of your channel and how much you’re able to earn from your videos.

One of the most popular ways, and something that’s a reliable method for monetization, is getting sponsored and working with individual brands and companies directly to promote their products or services to your viewers.

You might have noticed that quite a few of your favorite channels, especially bigger ones, have pretty cool deals with big brands and you might be wondering how they were able to achieve that on their own.

One thing you need to remember is that it’s very unlikely that these YouTubers were discovered randomly or were completely lucky in getting a sponsorship for their channel.

The trick to getting a YouTube sponsorship is to build up your channel, gain an audience, and simply just start asking brands, large companies, and other sponsors whether or not they’re interested in working together with you.

There is definitely a right way that you can go about asking to get sponsored, and of course there’s also a wrong way, so in this post I want to talk about how you can find sponsors for your YouTube channel and how to approach them properly to land a sponsorship position.

How to Get Sponsorship for YouTube?

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Identify Your Audience

The first thing you need to do is completely identify and analyze your audience.

You can find plenty of information about the people watching your videos in your YouTube Analytics and you want to write down all of the specifics so that any of the brands that you contact are able to know exactly who you’re going to be targeting.

Some of the questions you want to ask yourself about your audience should include:

  • How old are the people watching your videos?
  • Where in the world are your viewers mostly from?
  • Are your viewers mostly female or male?

Once you have come up with the basics you can also start trying to determine the specific fashion or cultural trends that your audience is following, which of the brands they love or would be excited to hear about, the different types of products that they’re interested in purchasing, as well as where they spend their time both online and offline when they’re not watching your videos.

When you’re promoting products or services you need to make sure that the audience that you have is likely to buy these products or services so that you can show your sponsor that you’re worth working with and can continue to develop a relationship with them into the future.

If you’re promoting something and you’re not able to sell the sponsored products or services that you’re promoting, than any sponsors are going to quickly drop you and are no longer going to be interested in working together.

Decide What you Have to Offer to Brands

Whenever you’re reaching out and contacting different brands they’re going to know exactly what you can do for them in return for their sponsorship.

Are you going to be providing detailed product reviews of the different products that they have?

Are you going to be mentioning their product or service during your video or giving them a shout-out?

You need to let the brands know, in detail, how you’re going to be marketing their brand in a way that’s going to increase their awareness online as well as gain them some business.

You want to be upfront with whatever you’re offering and make sure that the brand knows that you going to be honest and thorough in your videos and that you’re not just going to shamelessly promote their product or service without even basing the video on your own opinions.

Basically, you only want to work with brands that offer something that you personally believe in and that you don’t have any issues promoting to your viewers.

For those of you accepting a payment, make sure that you are able to deliver all of the different promises that you made in exchange for a sponsored product as well as a payment.

You might have to promote the sponsorship on your social media accounts and sometimes you might even have to sign a contract depending on who you’re working with.

Once you know what you can offer to different brands the options are really endless when it comes to what you can promote and the different companies that you can contact in hopes of securing a sponsorship.

Knowing exactly what you can provide also helps to make you look much more professional and will make it more likely for a brand to want to enter into a sponsorship with you compared to someone that seemingly has no idea what they’re talking about.

Do Your Research

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After you’ve gone ahead and decided on a few specific businesses, companies, or brands that you want to work with and that your audience also would find relevant, you’re going to want to take some time to do some research on the different brands.

Research is going to help you learn more about the different brands and companies that you might be working with and it can also give you more insight into your own audience when it comes to the types of content that they are interested in.

For those of you with a small channel, or anyone just getting started, you don’t have to focus on the big-name brands and you’re going to be better off going with smaller brands that are just getting started themselves because these will be more likely to work with you.

Keep an eye out for any specific brands that would actually be able to benefit from being in a sponsorship with you such as anything that’s a very closely related to what your channel is about and also anything that accurately matches your viewership demographics.

Once you’re ready to finally make the proposal, you can include some different parts of your research and this is going to let the brand know more about what you’re capable of as well as allow yourself to be cemented as more of an expert on the topic.

Come up with Quality Sponsorship Proposals

Mid-size to large brands receive proposals for sponsorships on a regular basis and if you don’t stand out at all then you’re just going to get tossed aside and not even considered.

What you want to avoid doing is writing a single outreach email and not changing anything at all except for the company name.

This is the worst way to go about getting a sponsor and from the beginning you destroy any possible chances you have of working with the company in the future just from a single, poorly written email.

What you actually want to do is write a personalized proposal email letting the brand or company know that you’re interested in working together.

In the first email, you want to make sure that you introduce yourself properly, provide a good description of the type of content that you create, and explain how a sponsorship is going to benefit the brand that you want to work with.

You can also provide some information about your viewers as well as your current YouTube channel statistics.

It’s a good idea to be very specific so that brands know that you mean business and it’s even better if you have a dedicated plan to show how you’re able to provide a successful sponsorship for both you and the brand that you want to work with.

Start Contacting Brands

Finally, when you’ve done all the research and you’ve compiled the list of the different companies that you want to message in hopes of exchanging a sponsorship with, you can now start reaching out to them with the personalized emails that you’ve already worked on.

To find the right people that you need to contact you’re going to want to visit the brand websites and head over to the Contact Us page to see if you can find any relevant emails.

Alternatively, you can also browse on LinkedIn and look for a specific individuals such as marketing managers or anyone else that seems that they might work directly with digital influencers and that are also able to make a decision depending on your proposal rather than having to ask their boss or someone else.

Some companies will already have a page setup for individuals looking for sponsorship and if you find that to be the case then you’re going to want to go ahead and apply through any specific pages that you come across relevant to getting a sponsor.

Apart from messaging brands and companies directly, there are also quite a few different sponsorship platforms that connect influencers with companies.

If you have a medium sized channel, say more than a few thousand subscribers, you can sign up for these platforms and this makes it a lot easier to connect with brands and other companies that are actually looking to work with YouTubers at the moment.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have a big channel, you can still message people directly and for most YouTubers this is the most successful way of becoming sponsored by somebody.

Important Sponsorship Tips

Hopefully, the quick guide above has provided you with some helpful information on getting started with finding a sponsorship for your YouTube channel.

It’s really not that difficult and the more companies you reach out to the easier it’s going to be for you to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Getting declined by a brand isn’t necessarily a bad thing and if you do get declined make sure to ask why you weren’t accepted so that you can get some feedback and improve your pitch or quality of your YouTube channel for future applications.

One thing you want to make sure that you’re doing when you’re reaching out to different brands is make the pitch about them and explain how sponsoring you is going to benefit them in the long run.

You also don’t want to minimize your success online and even if you have a small channel you still want to be proud of the quality content that you’re creating and your own personal brand that you’re currently working at developing.