Fortnite v12.20 Update Brings Helicopters to the Game

The makers of Fortnite must have finally listened to gamers who are asking for better mobility within the game. The game has finally added a helicopter to include players on the map. The helicopters are part of the game’s season theme, spy and will be called ‘Chopas’. Helipads have been seen by gamers popping up within the game’s map every now and then. ‘Chopps’ has come with Fortnite’s v12.20 update, which introduces several other minor changes, and rolled out on Tuesday.

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According to a report by Eurofemer, ‘Chopas’ are helicopters large enough to fit an entire squad. The helicopters in the Fortnite are not equipped with any weapon, but players have the option to fire at opponents from above. The V12.20 update was released on Tuesday, revealed by the official Fortnite status Twitter handle.

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‘Chopas’ can be found on the helipad located around the island’s secret bases. Helipads began appearing on the map from the beginning of the current Fortnite season. Therefore, the addition of these helicopters is not a surprise to gamers.

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