Fortnite now has a Borderland 3 mashup. Epic Games introduced the Borderland 3 crossover with the new v10.20 update for Fortnite. This new crossover is called ‘n FortniteXMayhem’, and was first teased from the official Twitter account of Fortnite on Monday 26 August. With this new update, players of Fortnite will now be able to play in Pandora’s latest region zone. Additionally, if you are a person who does not mind spending, you can buy some special bundles and play as Psycho and Claptrap.

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According to a blog post by Epic Games, the latest v10.20 update for Fortnite brings the ‘FortniteXMayhem’ event which will run until 10 September. During this time, players will have the opportunity to shoot and loot through the Pandora Rift Zone. , Visit themed challenges for free rewards, and pick up the Psycho Bundle from the store. To purchase a Psycho bundle, you have to unleash 2,000 V-Bucks (in-game currency), and upon your purchase, you’ll get a Psycho Skin, Claptrap with back bling, and a themed pickaxe.

Moving on, Pandora Rift Zone appeared on the map and you can now experience Borderland Local in Fortnite. An added bonus is that if you walk long (4 seconds) without any damage, you will generate a shield. There are, of course, plenty of other surprises as you explore more. And if you want to get creative, you can create your Pandora using the new Prefabs in Fortnite Creative.

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