Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo is Now Playable on the PlayStation 4

The Final Fantasy VII remake demo has been released by Square Enix, and is now playable on Sony PlayStation 4. It can be downloaded for free from the PlayStation Network Store. This is a single-player demo that will take up to 7.59GB on your console’s hard drive. As this is a demo, the progress you make cannot be moved to the full version of the game as a store page. The full version of the game is expected to be released on 10 April.

The trailer for the game was announced by the Final Fantasy VII remake page. You can go to the store and try the demo right now.

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The demo will let you play the first chapter in the Final Fantasy VII remake. As the name suggests, this is a remake of the original game from the same game that appeared in 1997 for PlayStation. It is a role-playing game (RPG), which brings together real-time action and traditional command-based battles. The store page also states that if you download the demo, you will get a special theme from 10 April.

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According to previous reports, the Final Fantasy VII remake will not include the full game. The first episode or first installment of the game will be based in the Midgar section, which is the first level from the original. The remake was first announced during E3 2015. It was shown again at E3 2019 during the presentation of Square Enix.

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