Facebook, YouTube Content Moderators Being Asked to Sign PTSD Forms

In Europe and the US, content moderators on Facebook and YouTube have been asked to sign the form to find that the job may be the cause of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

According to The Financial Times and The Verge, Accenture, a global professional services firm providing content moderators for large professional firms, has asked them to sign the form, explicitly acknowledging that their jobs have a post-traumatic stress disorder. Can.

Accenture runs at least three content moderation sites for Facebook in Europe, including Warsaw, Lisbon and Dublin.

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A similar document was also provided by Accenture to workers at the YouTube Content Moderation Facility in Austin, Texas.

Accenture said that the well-being of workers was a “top priority”.

“We regularly update the information that we give to our people to ensure that they have a clear understanding of their work,” the company said in a statement.

“According to an employee who signed one of these acknowledgment forms, each moderator of the facility was emailed a link and asked to sign it immediately,” the report said.

The Accenture form states that activists can review “disturbing” videos and moderating such material may affect my mental health and may also lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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Both Facebook and Google said they have not reviewed the new form of Accenture.

Facebook is facing lawsuits from former arbitrators over a range of mental health issues in California and Ireland.

The case of PTSD and other mental health issues has been on the rise among content intermediaries.

Last month’s investigation into Accenture’s Austin site reported that hundreds of low-paid immigrants were described as working people, removing videos marked for extreme violence and terrorist content.

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The report claimed that by the time they leave Accenture or are fired, they lose access to all mental health services. A former Google moderator said he was still experiencing PTSD symptoms two years after leaving.

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