Facebook Removes 3.2 Billion Fake Accounts

Facebook says it removed 3.2 billion fake accounts from its service from April to September, up from a little over 3 billion in the past six months.

Almost all fake accounts were caught before they had a chance to become “active” users of social networks, so they are not counted in the company’s regular report user statistics. Facebook estimates that about 5 percent of its 2.45 billion user accounts are fake.

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The company said in a report on Wednesday that it removed 18.5 million child nudity and sexual abuse from its main platform in the April-September period, up from 13 million in the previous six months. It states that the increase was caused by an improvement in detection.

In addition, Facebook said that it had extracted 11.4 million instances of abusive language over a period of up to 7.5 million in the last six months. The company says it is beginning to remove hate speech, which she does with some extreme material, child abuse and other content.

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Facebook expanded the data it shared to remove terrorist proliferation. Earlier reports only included data from al-Qaeda, ISIS and their allies. The latest report shows that Facebook detects content posted by non-ISIS or al-Qaeda extremist groups at a lower rate than those two organizations.

The report is Facebook’s fourth on standards enforcement and the first to include Instagram’s data in areas such as child nudity, illegal firearms and drug sales, and terrorist propaganda. The company said that it removed 1.3 million instances of child nudity and child sexual abuse from Instagram during the reported period before it saw it.

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