Facebook, Instagram to Block Under-18s From Seeing Sexual Content

Facebook and its photo-sharing platform Instagram will introduce a policy change early next year, which will hide suggestive ads and pictures for users under the age of 18.

As part of the policy change, the social networking giant will withhold a variety of sexual content for users worldwide.

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The Daily Mail on Monday quoted The Telegraph as saying that teenagers would be barred from viewing erotic advertisements, fictional depictions of sex and fictional depictions of nudity or sexual acts.

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Photographs of “implicit sexual activity” and artifacts depicting sexual activity, however, are visible to adults.

The ban will only depend on teenagers who enter their correct age. It is highly likely for weak users to lie and view inappropriate content.

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The social networking giant consulted 25 experts, including LGBT, diversity and free speech activists, as well as child-protection campaigners, before considering the change.

The Daily Mail report said that with over 60,000 UK Facebook users under the age of 12, when it turns 13, it could prove to be worthless.

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