Facebook Downs White Nationalist and Fake Antifa Accounts

Facebook Downs White Nationalist and Fake Antifa Accounts

Facebook said that on Tuesday it suspended accounts associated with white nationalist groups.

Company officials also said that they removed false accounts, claiming allegiance to bring disrepute to the anti-fascist movement.

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Followers of Antifa have said that they focus on defending people from attacks by officers or vigilantes, but they have been rebuffed by President Donald Trump, who cites evidence that they are motivators of anti-police violence Were.

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Some of the removed white nationalist accounts were associated with the Proud Boys, which Facebook had previously classified as a dangerous group. Others had connections to a group called the American Guard, which is now classified in the same way.

Several Facebook executives described the action on the condition that they have not been identified. He said that he has not acted on the basis of behavior but on the basis of any material politics and Facebook has not rated Antifa as dangerous.

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The company said it was taking a closer look at the accounts discussing the protests when it saw that it deemed white nationalist accounts to be encouraging violence.

The misguided Antifa accounts were removed for “inhumane behavior”, as they purported to be something they were not.

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