Facebook Dating Gets Support for Facebook

Facebook dating users can now share Instagram stories and Facebook stories on their dating profiles, for both current matches and potential. The Stories is designed to give people more insight into their matches by bringing them to the app, as well as proving that they are real people, The Verge on Thursday for Facebook Dating Stories, lead product manager, Cormine Quoted Hung.

This feature looks exactly like stories on Instagram or Facebook.

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To use this new feature, users have to select their Facebook and Instagram accounts by linking them to their dating profile.

Additionally, users can also report a story if they believe it violates the rules against nudity and other offensive content on Facebook and Instagram.

“We can take advantage of all of our robust monitoring tools that Facebook and Instagram have to detect inappropriate content and then take them down very quickly,” Hung added.

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Facebook had earlier launched its dating feature in the US where users who are 18 years or older can opt for Facebook dating and create dating profiles (separate from the main profile).

People using Facebook dating can share their upcoming date and / or live location details with someone they trust via Messenger.

Apart from the US, Facebook dating is currently available in 19 other countries, but not yet in India.

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