Facebook Dark Mode Testing Spotted by Android Users

Dark mode for Facebook has reportedly been spotted by some users of its Android app. With more and more apps joining the Dark Mode bandwagon, it soon looks like we’ll finally see the feature release an official release for the Facebook app as well. In addition, Facebook also tests a new ‘favorite’ feature, which is somewhat similar to Instagram’s Close Friends. With this new feature, Facebook wants to create a platform for its users, where they can share their personal stories with only those who are added to the favorites list.

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A Reddit user posted a screenshot two months ago in which Facebook’s Dark Mode was applied to its Android smartphone and how it looked. He also said that the feature appeared for some time and later disappeared. He also stated that this was not a forced dark mode implementation.

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Apart from this, two different users named Nagesh Bade and Lock have also shared Facebook’s Dark Mode on their Twitter profiles. And looking at the dates of those tweets, we can simply say that we are not far from the official release of the feature. Another thing to note is that while Dark Mode for Facebook is being viewed left, right and center, it should be seen that all the devices were Android phones and none of them were iOS devices.

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