Facebook built face recognition app that let workers identify people

Faced with numerous privacy issues, Facebook used a face recognition app among its employees, which allowed them to identify their colleagues and friends by pointing to smartphone cameras.
The social networking platform acknowledged that it produced an app that was never publicly released, and argued against its use to identify people.

Business Insider first reported that the app was developed between 2015 and 2016 but has since been discontinued.
A company spokesperson told CNET, “To learn about new technologies, our team regularly builds apps to use internally. The app described here was only available to Facebook employees, and they only Only those employees and their friends who had an identity. ” on Friday.

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It has been reported in the app that Facebook experimented with features that could increase the concern of those concerned about their privacy.
Facebook has received criticism in the past for using facial recognition.

In October this year, there were reports that Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) research team has developed a tool that tracks facial recognition systems to falsely identify a person in a video.

The “de-identification” system, which also works in live video, uses machine learning to change the main facial features of a subject in a video.

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“Face recognition can cause loss of privacy and misuse of face replacement technology to produce misleading videos,” reads a paper explaining the company’s approach.

“There is a need to understand the advances in recent world events and how to deal with de-identification due to misuse of face recognition technology. Our contribution is the only one suitable for video, including live video , And presents a quality that surpasses literature. Methods, “the paper said.

Facebook is facing a $ 35 billion class-action lawsuit for alleged misuse of facial recognition data in Illinois. A US court has rejected Facebook’s request to quash the lawsuit.

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