Facebook Announces its First Browser API for Chrome

facebook announces the first API for chrome

Social networking Giant Facebook has announced its first major API contribution to Google Chrome browsers, focused on making user experience smoother and faster shortening the time between a click or keystroke and the browser reacting to that.

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“We are excited to share that the ‘Chrome 74’ release will include the origin trial for our ‘isInputPending’ API. We hope to take developer feedback from this trial and use it to make the case for fully shipping the API,” Nate Schloss and Andrew Comminos, Software engineer at Facebook wrote in a blog post on Monday.

Company is making new method of web development standards by bringing it’s own API to Chrome browsers. According to the post, Facebook’s “isInputPending” API is now part of a larger effort to build scheduling primitives into the web.

“We hope to continue driving new APIs and to ramp up our contributions to open source web browsers,” Schloss and Comminos said.