Epic Games Launches Tactical Role-Playing Game 'Battle Breakers'

Epic Games, the team behind the successful Battle Royal game Fortnite, has officially launched the Battle, Hero Collecting Play-Play game available on PC, iOS and Android. Speaking of Android, you can download Battle Breaker from Samsung’s Galaxy Store or if you have a smartphone from another brand, you can get this game through the Epic Games app which can be easily sideloaded. is. Apart from all this, Epic states that the Battle Breakers was created as a passion project by a small team at the company.

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The premise of Battle Breakers is simple, the monsters of space have trapped the world’s greatest heroes in technomagic crystals. Now, you as a player need to assemble one final team of super warriors and save the planet. Players can build their teams with hundreds of heroes through Battle Passes, Skybreaker Quests and Hero Store. In addition, there are 1000 dungeons to explore volcanoes, forests, glaciers etc. that feature epic brooms. And because it is a cross-platform game, it basically saves data on mobile and PC.

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Now, Battle Breakers is Epic’s second game to be available through the Epic Games app, not through the Google Play Store. And that’s only because Epic Games doesn’t believe in giving Google and Apple – the owners of the two most popular App Stores – a 30 percent cut from their game’s sales revenue. And that’s why last year pushed Epic Games to bring Fortnite directly to customers.

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