dell patent for dual screen

Now a days one or another companies are trying to stand our from the variety of the market with some different products and unique ideas, just like 2-in-1 gamer notepad, screen on track-pad, and now Dell has filed a patent for convertible format laptop, which has dual screen.

It was registered on last Thursday, the company aims to develop a laptop with modular screen, where the user could keep the only one display or raise the amount to two screens.

dell patent for dual screen

The Dell dual screen laptop patent shows the possibility to implementing two screens on the same hinge, expanding the field of views of the content being shown in the notebook in different scenarios for the user. It has two detachable display that can be attached to a magnetic strip to the adjustable clamp of the keyboard.

What could make it interesting, two screens can be arranged to face the user or another can face outwards at the audience for showing presentations. Patent documents do not contain any information about the size of two screens, let see if it comes to market than how companies implement this idea.

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