Chrome 77 Update with New Performance Metrics, Check out What’s New?

Google Chrome version 77 is now available for download on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. The latest version of Google’s browser comes with many new features such as new performance metrics, form capability, and origination testing. As expected, there are a bunch of bug fixes, 52 security fixes to be exact and some fixes that were contributed by external researchers are listed on Google’s blog post. Most of the new features, which are available with the update, are intended for web developers, but UI-related changes to the browser include removing UI indicators for Extended Validation (EV) certificates.

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Google is also aiming to improve the performance of its Internet browser with the new Chrome 77 update. In the Developer Tools section of Chrome, there is a new option called “Greatest Contentful Paint”, which can be used to measure the time Chrome takes to display a readable version of a website in the user-visible section of the browser. , While the rest of the site is still loading in the background. As one assumes, this option will enable and customize the elements that should ideally load first instead of the content appearing on the screen.

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A new IO element as part of Google’s original tests is a new contact picker API that can be used by websites to access and select contacts from a user’s phone. For those unaware, the original test is a new approach by Google to enable experimentation with web platform features in a secure way. It has a dashboard that enables users to sign up for experimental features. In addition, System Addins can now implement and enforce configurations on the Chrome browser in an enterprise. This new feature is called “BrowserGuestModeEnanted”.

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