Text to speech tools are computer programs those can artificially produce human voice speech. These tools are very useful for those people who having trouble to read text, also it’s helpful for blind peoples, who are able to browse the internet and read text via these apps. Here are some best text to speech tools :


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It’s a speech synthesis solution for developers. Amazon polly is an intelligent system for text to speech and named Polly, it uses deep learning techniques, and turns text into speech. This software will allow developers to create speech enabled apps. It sports an API that lets developers easily integrate speech systhesis capabilities into ebooks, articles etc.

Pricing and plans
5 million characters are free per months
$4 per million extra characters

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This software is developed by Germany based company Linguatec. Voice reader can covert text into audio files.
The aim of this software is to improve productivity, this software having a lot more features, such as convert word documents, email and Pdf into audio files. Also it support upto 45 language.

Pricing and plans
€49 (£42/$57) per voice


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This speech synthesis software is very popular in the education world, where it;’s used to improve comprehension among other things.  It support both offline and online mode, and is used by a range of schools, colleges , business, professionals. It support more than 20 languages. It can narrate content, such as ebooks, articles and websites. This software comes with cloud storage, just like other cloud storage and can be accessed from anywhere on web.

Pricing & Plans

Pro Version : $1.49/month


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It’s a cloud based speech synthesis software application, basically aimed at personal use, and allow us to convert writer text in to human like voice. It can be accessed from anywhere from your smartphone and computer.  It has 56 different voices in 9 languages and support PDF, TXT, DOC, ODT, PNG, JPG, etc files.

Pricing & Plans

Premium plan : $9.99
Premium plus : $15.99


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It’s a great text to speech software application which is currently available for mobile devices and can convert documents, web articles and ebooks into natural sound speech. This app supports 186 in-built voices in 30 different languages. It support auto scrolling features , full-screen and distraction free modes to help you focus.

Pricing & Plans

For iOS : $14.99
For Android : $7.99