iPhone features for MacOs

The Worldwide Developers Conference scheduled for June 3, and Apple is working to bring, two of it’s operating system, iOS and macOS closer together by introducing several useful iPhone features to it’s line of MacBooks.

According to a report by 9To5Mac on Friday, Apple is working to bring iPhone like features in macOS 10.15 and iOS 13, such as Siri Shortcuts, Screen Time and more. Apple’s new version of macOS 10.15, has been under development for nearly two years now, that would include support for Siri Shortcuts, also a feature introduced in iOS 12 that lets users create custom voice shortcut for actions that can be executed in apps.

“According to sources, engineers are also working on bringing the assistant on macOS closer to its iOS counterpart by porting over features such as the ability to set timers and alarms and ask about air quality, currently unavailable on the Mac,” the report added.

“Apple’s new macOS 10.15 should be announced during WWDC which starts on June 3, released as a beta for developers the same day. The final version for consumers should be available in late September or October,” the report noted.