Apple Pencil Next-Gen Variant May Bring Advanced Gesture Support

A new patent surfaced at the US Patent and Trademark Office suggests that Apple is working on the next version of its fancy stylus, the 3G gen Apple Pencil, with more advanced gestures.

Apple Pencil’s recently reported double-tap input could lead Apple Pencil to support further gestures.

“Furthermore, the stylus can effectively differentiate between tactile input from a user and ignore continuous touch input, while the user simply places the stylus at the user’s natural grip location,” Apple’s new patent says .

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The patent describes a stylus with a flexible, touch-sensitive area that can recognize various gestures based on the placement of your fingers.

Additionally, the patent mentions the sensor as well as the camera inside the Apple Pencil. It will be able to record a wide variety of surfaces using the camera and then display it on the iPad’s screen while drawing.

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The upcoming Apple Pencil may also include a fingerprint sensor to not only lock and unlock the device using the pencil, but also to verify biometric information for Apple Pay.

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