Apple Glasses likely to launch in 2023

Technology giants Apple has long been ready to enter the world of augmented reality. Reports from the past have indicated that the company is working on its own Apple AR headset and Apple Glass. Beyond the rumors, we don’t know much about the AR headset and Apple Glass’s launch plan. However, a new report reveals some new information about the launch of AR-related. As per the new information, Apple may launch its AR headset in 2022 and AR specs in 2023.

Apple Specs and AR Headset Description
A new report from The Information shared the newly launched timeline about Apple-branded AR products. The report states that the information comes directly from internal Apple presentations. This launch timeline extends products significantly beyond the initial launch deadline of 2020. This delay is likely due to technical difficulties in the development of AR technology. The Apple AR headset is internally known as the N301 with a slimmer Oculus Quest similar design. The N301 will feature VR with the help of AR as well as external cameras. The device will map the surroundings including people, furniture and rooms.

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The N301 will also feature a high-resolution screen capable of virtual merging with the real world. The company told employees that it would reach developers for software development in 2021. Apple is working on its AR Glass, a move from the AR headset. The glasses under consideration are to be worn for extended periods of time. Currently, the eyeglass prototype “looks like high-priced sunglasses with thicker frames”. The glasses will also have lenses that will darken when using a signal of operation.

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According to a report by The Verge, Bloomberg shared another report confirming the preliminary information. According to another report, Apple recently delayed the launch of its AR headset. It also said that the product will be used for gaming, video streaming, and meetings. Both products described above will have a new “3D sensor system” for operation. This new sensor will first hit the market in 2020 with the iPad Pro.

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