Apple Design Guru Jonathan Ive Has Left the Company

Sir Jonathan Ivey, Apple’s chief design officer who is behind the look and feel of the iPhone or iMac you use today, left Apple as his biography, with the photo disappearing from Apple’s formality page Have given. In June, Ive, a British native who has worked at Apple for nearly 30 years, announced the move and decided to create an independent design firm called LoveFrom that would consider Apple as its most prestigious client.

Ive is a quintessential figure in the design world and his role in Apple’s revival for the iPhone from the 1998 ground-breaking iMac cannot be overstated, and Apple Park’s unprecedented ambitions, where he recently took his energy and care “Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the time.

Ive was one of Apple’s closest friends, co-founder Steve Jobs, who considered him a “spiritual companion”. Ive is the key design figure behind products such as the original iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple’s new “Spaces Campus”.

Ivy’s departure from Apple is an important time as tech giants are working on the new iPhone 12 and is perhaps the first foldable smartphone.

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Born and raised in London, Ive studied design at the University of Northumbria in Newcastle and exhibited his work at the Design Museum. After graduation, he was hired by a start-up named Tangerine to work in his industrial design group.

Formally admitted to Apple in September 1992 as a full-time employee, Ive was initially apprehensive about leaving Tangerine for Apple because he thought his family’s move from the UK to California would be overwhelming.

Early design failures and a lack of commercial success in the early 1990s almost left Ive on several occasions.

In 1985 the late Steve Jobs, who was evicted by other Apple executives, staged a comeback in 1997 and went straight to Ive, recruiting him to take the firm in a different direction.

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Jobs made him senior vice president of industrial design and Ive became the head of the design team responsible for most of the company’s critical hardware products.

Ive’s first design assignment was the iconic iMac in 1998, which helped pave the way for many other designs such as the iPod and iPad.

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