In the world of wearables, most companies are emphasizing technology to look younger, more efficient, and better. Apple is one of those companies, pushing wearables to the next level. The company is making big deliveries with the Apple Watch Series wearables. In fact, Amazon has also taken advantage of this as the company announced two new wearable products at its 2019 product program. These include the Echo Loop which is essentially a smart ring that slips on your finger.

This cannot be overcome, Apple saw it as a challenge and filed a new patent for a wearable electronic ring computing device. Originally, the patent talks about a device that can be used to interact wirelessly with your Mac computers. The device also has a touchscreen and microphone. Apparently, it comes with a processor, wireless transmitter and a bunch of different sensors. It also comes with its own power source. It is expected to be built into the device as well as Siri.

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Talking about the sensor, the device comes with haptic actuators to provide force feedback to the user. Motion sensors that will be able to identify “writing motion” will also have a page turning and swiping motion that can be used as a navigational tool for your computer. It will come with a series of bio-metric sensors that will track your fitness level.

apple wearable ring patent

From what we have read, the patent also describes how you can use the device to unlock another device such as an iPad or iPhone. The device can also come with a screen, on which you can mimic the display of an external device. But again, this is just a patent and not a real feel of the device.

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So far, the patent is one of thousands of other patents filed by the company. Therefore, do not raise your hopes too much because it can be just another thought that never makes the past just an idea.

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