App Store bug removes over 20 million app ratings globally

A bug has come to light that has affected Apple’s App Store for over a week. This App Store bug reportedly wiped out over 20 million ratings of popular apps. Some of these apps include others such as Google, Microsoft, Nike, Starbucks and Hulu, TechCrunch reports.

Mobile App Insights platform AppFigure saw this steep drop in ratings for the first time. The bug managed to affect more than 300 apps from over 200 developers. In total, approximately 22 million app reviews disappeared from the App Store. While bug-affected apps globally, the US was the worst affected with nearly 10 million ratings missing.

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The bug began to affect the App Store on October 23, and Apple admitted that the ratings disappeared due to the bug. In a TechCrunch statement, however, Apple has clarified that the ratings have not been permanently destroyed, and have been reinstated.

An Apple spokesperson says, “App Store ratings and reviews are an important way for customers to share their experiences about the apps they’ve downloaded.” “During routine maintenance in the App Store, ratings and reviews are temporarily affected by a bug that has since been resolved.”

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“While no reviews or ratings were ever deleted, the data displayed to users was affected for a period of time. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. All ratings and reviews have been restored, ”he said.

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This is the first time an App Store bug has been revealed. Last year, a similar bug caused thousands of iOS apps to lose ratings over a weekend.

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