As a news circulating over the internet about Anydesk app are stealing money from people’s account. Here what Anydesk said in statements: 

“We deny that our application steals money from user accounts and we object to advice saying not to download our software. This accusation is completely false and harms our company’s great reputation.”

“We are deeply sorry for all the users who were victims of this fraud scheme, but in this case our remote access software was used by fraudsters to take advantage of people willing to provide access to their computer to unknown individuals. This same situation could be repeated with any other remote access software.”

“AnyDesk provides remote access from one device to another. However, this access needs to be authorized on the other side. There is no danger in using AnyDesk, which employs bank-level security protocols.”

“In light of these revelations, make sure you only allow people you know to access your device using AnyDesk. We at AnyDesk are always working in close cooperation with law enforcement authorities to counter abuse.”

If we take a look to statement of Anydesk, than the company is denying any kind of fraud with their customers, and advising people to only allow people you know to access your device using Anydesk app. From the statement of Anydesk, it’s clear that they are not involved in any kind of scam or fraud scheme.

As these remote application are available for everyone and anyone can use for their personal or commercial uses. According to us, their can be a hacker’s group are active and doing this kind of scam and fraud with people by using remote applications. So it’s users responsibility that which whom you are providing access to your system using remote application.