Researchers of French Nation Center for Scientific Research claims to have developed the first walking robot that can explore it;s environment and find its way home without GPS or mapping. Researchers took the inspiration from the desert ants, which is extraordinary solitary navigators, to design the AntBot.

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Ants use polarized light and ultraviolet radiation to locate themselves in space, cataglyphis desert ants can cover several hundreds of meters in direct sunlight in the tested to find food then return in a straight line to the nest without getting lost.The developed AntBot has been shown to be able, like the desert ants, to explore its environment and to return on its own to its base,with precision of upto one centimeter after having covered 14 meters distance.

It has 2.3 weight with six feet to increase mobility and allow to move in complex environments. The optical compass developed by scientist is sensitive to the sky’s polarized ultraviolet radiation.