Android 11 Developer Preview Site Briefly Goes Live

Android 10 is still quite fresh, but it seems that work on Android 11 has started and it may soon be ready in its developer preview avatar. This is what Google’s latest misstep suggests, at least. Google reportedly updated its Android developer website with a full developer preview for Android 11. Unfortunately, the landing page for the Android 11 developer preview was only listed for a short interval before it was pulled. And before you get your Pulse Racing, there was no mention of any notable new features that Android 11 will bring to the table, and no downloadable content either.

According to an Android Police report, the Android developer site was briefly updated with a page called Android 11 Developer Preview. The page asked the devs to prepare their app for Android 11. It further mentioned that the Android 10 successor would come with strong protection for user privacy. More importantly, it also indicates that Android 11 will offer extended support for foldable devices, which seems promising and suggests that foldable phones are here to stay.

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The site has also mentioned setup guides and other relevant information for those who want to test Android 11 and prepare their app for the next major version of Android. External pages linked to the now-deleted Android 11 developer preview site were reportedly empty. But as stated earlier, Google pulled the page down, while the URL now redirects users to the Android 10 Developer Preview page.

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