Amazon to Verify It’s Flex Drivers Using Selfies

amazon flex drivers

In order to deal with delivery related fraud cases, e-commerce giant Amazon should periodically record its duties to a class of its drivers for entering and identifying their identity using face recognition.

On Thursday, The Verge reported that, for now, the requirement applies specifically to “Flex drivers” – who work as independent contractors for Amazon’s fastest prime delivery, deliver packages in their own cars and get paid $18 to $25 an hour.

By asking drivers to take selfies from their Flex Drivers, The e-commerce Giant could be preventing multiple people from sharing the same account which could screen out anyone who is technically unauthorized from delivering packages.

In 2016, Global hail-riding service provider UBER has implemented this kind of similar policy in which the driver should share a selfie before signing into the platform and taking ride requests, However uber failed in this kind of policy.

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