Amazon may launch a hand recognition payment system

In various areas of life where technology is involved, biometrics are quite ideal. Fingerprint sensors, facial recognition systems are commonly used worldwide. However, it seems that Amazon may take a novel form of biometrics for users to complete their purchase. According to a report by The New York Post, “engineers from e-tailing giants are quietly testing scanners who can identify an individual human hand as a way of store purchase”. The system is expected to be launched at Whole Foods, an Amazon-owned supermarket chain.

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A report by Engadget further explains how the system works. Amazon is using “computer vision and depth geometry to identify the size and shape of your hand before charging the credit card you have on file”. In other words, there is no fingerprint or face scan, but only a consumer’s hand scan will make a purchase.
The new biometrics system is named “Orville” and will allow Amazon Prime customers to scan their hands and then link their credit or debit cards.

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The New York Post reported that the technology is expected to roll out in early 2020 for some Whole Foods stores. So far, no specific locations have been revealed, but the e-commerce giant plans to make it available in the US.

The report further states that the system’s accuracy is “one in ten-thousandths of 1%, but Amazon engineers are scrambling to improve it to 1 millionths of 1% before launching.”

Recently, it was also reported that Amazon plans to save 100,000 employees to fight the challenge coming from its employees in AI, robotics and machine learning. The reskilling program will be launched for employees only in the US, and Amazon hopes it will not help employees learn new skills.

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