The latest Google Pixel 4 smartphones do not come with fingerprint scanners and it only relies on face unlock to protect them. However, it is best not to use face unlock in your new Pixel 4, if you have an identical twin or a friend who looks similar to you. That’s because Google has officially warned Pixel 4 users in its support page that “your phone can be unlocked by someone who looks a lot like a similar sibling to you.”

Talking about identical twins, even Face ID in popular iPhones can sometimes fail. Although Apple claimed in its official support page that “the statistical probability (of failure of Face ID) is different for twins and siblings who are under 13 and among children”, Gadgets Now’s The team tested it and was successful in unlocking an iPhone. Both are over 30 years old, showing XR the identical twin of the bus owner with Face ID.

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Even if you don’t have anyone that looks similar to you, Face Unlock may not be an ideal option for protecting your Pixel 4. That’s because Google officially states, “If you have your phone, it can be unlocked by someone else. The face, even if you have your eyes closed.” This is related to the Soli inbuilt Incredible is ruined by Face Unlock.

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Soli chipsets have very little part to play in biometric security. It’s just to create a radar bubble around the phone to know if you’re near it. For example, when your hand reaches for the Pixel 4, the Soli chip instructs the device to activate the front camera for face unlock. This means that you do not have to swipe the lock screen or press the power / wake button to activate the front camera to scan the face. In addition, when you keep your phone and go away, the Soli chip senses that you are not in the radar perimeter and instructs to switch off the Always On display.

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