Top Technology Trends

Top Technology Trends in 2017


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is one of the biggest technology trends now a days,  As you know that many companies like google, facebook, ibm are already working to improve in AI tech Projects.

Some of cool AI Projects are:

  • Self-Drive car
  • Google glass
  • AI Robots etc.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality probably will improve in hardware and the ways we intract with the virtual environment.

  • Virtual reality helps handicapped people in many ways like travel.
  • Also virtual system remote would be an example of VR.

Intelligent Apps:

As you all know that smartphones are in trends, 99% people are having smartphone now days.

  • So some intelligent app you can use like VPAs that perform some functions of a human assistant.
  • You can see the example of intelligent apps in Siri App of Google, also there are many other app that you can use as a virtual assisent.