6G Technology


The era of 4G internet is at it’s end – the new future belongs to mobile technology is 5G (fifth generation). News over the internet about 5G technology is coming soon in 2019. The first 5G network before the end of 2018, promises to expand the US mobile operator AT&T in 2019, manufacturer will produce compatible mobile devices.

So many mobile companies (OPPO, VIVO,XIAOMI, SAMSUNG etc.) are talking about their 5G smartphone testing and will coming soon with their 5G technology enabled smartphones. But the Head of technology departments of so many countries are already thinking about what features will the 6G network.

His predictions about networking sixth generation shared su Xin — Chapter 5G-Department of the Ministry of industry and information technology of the PRC. He admitted that work on the 6G concept of the Internet in China started in early 2018. He also announced that work on the next generation of mobile Internet are Russia, USA and EU countries.

It is believed that the 6G speed of the internet will reach apx. 1TB per second. You can imagine that what would be the loading speed of any web page over the browser and how if you watch videos without buffering and will takes a second to download a large size files.

6G networks will carry through a combination of the latest radio and fiber optic technology, or may be possible that no physical object ( like towers, fiber cables etc) need to carry signal or will directly done by satellites.
It is considered to be a cheap and fast internet technology provide unbelievably high data rates or very fast internet speed access on air through wireless and mobile devices gets possibly up to 1 Tbps, while travelling or in a remote locations.

According to news, another feature of the 6th generation networks will be expanding coverage up to the underwater parts of the earth. As a rule, communication generation succeed each other every 10 years, so the appearance of 6G technology waiting for no earlier than 2030.

Features/Advantages of 6G technology

Ultra fast internet access from anywhere.

Data rates will be up to 1TBps

Smart Homes, Cities and Villages.

Space technology, Defense application will be modified with 6G networks

Satellite to Satellite communication for development

Sea to Space communication.

Mind to Mind communication may be possible

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