1-in-3 Computers Dealing With Biometric Data Face Hacking Attempts

A new report said on Friday that in the third quarter of this year, one in three computers (37 percent) engaged in collecting biometric data globally faced hacking attempts. Devices – servers and workstations – use to collect, process, and store biometric data (such as fingerprints, hand geometry, face, voice, and iris templates). Overall, a significant number of traditional malware samples were blocked, including malware used in traditional remote sample Trojans (5.4 percent), phishing attacks (5.1 percent), ransomware (1.9 percent), and Trojan bankers (1.5 percent). was done. From cybercity firm Kaspersky ICS CERT.

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“The current situation with biometric data security is critical and needs to be brought to the attention of industry and government regulators, the community of information security experts, and the general public,” said Kirpsil Kruglov, senior security expert at Kaspersky ICS EERT.

Analysis of threat sources revealed that the Internet is the main source of threats to biometric data processing systems – threats were blocked with this source on 14.4 percent of all biometric data processing systems.

This category includes web-based email services as well as blocking threats on malicious and phishing websites.

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“While we believe our customers are cautious, we need to emphasize that the malware we detected and prevented infection could have a negative impact on the integrity and confidentiality of the biometric processing system.”

Blocked threats were ranked third among email clients (6.1 percent – in most cases these were specific phishing emails (fake messages on delivery of goods and services, payment of invoices, etc.). Links to malicious websites or attached office documents. Malware.

Like many other technologies that are rapidly evolving, biometric authentication systems have proved important common drawbacks.

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The report stated, “The major drawbacks of biometric authentication techniques are usually due to information security issues.”

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